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Tasks to Finish After the Loss

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Anytime the loss of a loved one occurs, several things need to be completed before and after the cremation services in Phoenix, AZ. The tasks are essential parts of fully laying the loved one to rest and leaving no… Read More

Funeral Reception Ideas

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When an individual passes away, in most cases, the services will be scheduled with one of the funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ. This option offers a supportive team to help with planning and a space to have extra features… Read More

Title Tag: What is an Urn Vault?

cremation services in Phoenix, AZ

Some individuals may choose to be buried after the cremation services in Phoenix, AZ; most cemeteries will accommodate this, but on top of purchasing the earn, the individual may also need to buy something called an urn vault. This… Read More

Alternative Gifts to Flowers

Funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ

Funeral homes in Phoenix, AZ, are an excellent source for finding support and getting help planning services. But after the event is completed or during the process, you may want to offer the person who suffered the loss… Read More

Shipping the Remains

cremation services in Phoenix, AZ

It’s not uncommon for individuals to need to send the cremated ashes to a different destination after the cremation services in Phoenix, AZ, are completed. This will require several steps to ensure it’s done efficiently and correctly, so we… Read More

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