Our Staff

Our concierge team is here to be a comforting friend and guide you through the entire funeral planning process. With our help, your family will have peace of mind that everything is taken care of, and your loved one’s arrangements will be carried out exactly as they would have wanted.

Meet the team who will welcome you with open arms.





Sean Thompson




Cynthia D. Thompson




Jeromy Beaver




Clay O. McGuire




Angelica Bailon




Randy Morrow




Erika Lara




Olivia Bien




Judy Bulsiewicz




Amber Hardin




Nancy Garren




Richard Schenk




Errol Koopmans




Jim McAleer




Art Dingman




Wanda McCreedy




Kelly Minton




Gladys Mabey




Linda Flores




Angela Tompras




April Morphew